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Webmaster of PlasmaTVBuyingGuide.com

I am very thankful I found the excellent Adrotate.net banner rotation software, I had previously used 2 other scripts which were extremely unreliable and very difficult to install. Adrotate is a dream, you do not have to worry about any script installation and features are very easy to navigate and set-up. I would have no hesitation in recommending Adrotate for your banner advertisements.

Webmaster from VelocityJournal.com

AdRotate.net really impressed me! I have been running ad campaigns on my site for years, but could never track their performance. AdRotate.net enabled me to fine tune the ads so that it could maximize my revenue. In the 3 months I have been using AdRotate.net, I have seen my ad revenue increase about 32%.

President of SoftwareManiacs.com

I use AdRotate.net to rotate my own company promotions. Its worked out great, I am able to track, analyze, act, and re-act. AdRotate.net is very cost effective for us. I would recommend it to any site owner.


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