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Why is AdRotate.net FREE?

AdRotate.net was developed by webmasters, for webmasters. We understand that there is a need for a FREE service that will help other webmasters increase website revenue. AdRotate.net is a scaleable service for all types of web sites, from 1,000 impressions a day to 1,000,000 impressions a day. Click here for our pricing information.

Do you display your banners on my website?

No, we do not display our banners on your site, we only show those that you setup. Other services "claim" to be FREE, however they display a certain % of their own banners on your site. AdRotate.net does NOT do this, we only display ads that you have configured to display.

What ad types does AdRotate.net support?

AdRotate.net supports all standard IAB/CASIE banner sizes, rich media banners, text ads and third party adserving. Some of the banner image ad types we support are: 468x60, 392x72, 234x60, 120x240, 120x90, 120x60, 125x125, 88x31.

What is the difference between an Ad Network and an Affiliate network?

Advertising Networks are companies that pay you for for each Clickthrough or Impression you send them, and act as middlemen between you and the actual advertisers. The disadvantage of this is that you usually can't choose which banners or companies you advertise; the advantage is that you get a guaranteed sponsor for your website that will pay you for all of your traffic or all of the traffic they can sell for you at substantially higher rates than you will get from most individual advertisers. Many of these networks also use targeting to give you ads related to your website, so all in all they are often a much better deal than commission-based affiliate programs.

Affiliate Program Networks are systems that allow you to sign up/access many different affiliate programs through one website. These programs vary mainly in how you link to the advertisers within them, and how many/which advertisers are within them. Affiliate programs are used by merchants to encourage people to promote their product or service to others in exchange for a fee or commission.

What are the different advertising types and what do they mean?

CPM Cost per thousand impressions. M, the roman numeral, has been used for years ad a convenient media unit.
CPC Cost per click. The advertiser pays when a visitor clicks on the ad and is taken to his web site or splash page. The advertiser attempts to tell him on the spot or retain the relationship for later conversion.
CPA Cost per action. When the action desired by the advertisers, such as asking for a catalog, getting a free sample, filling out an order form, or signing up for a credit card, is completed, the advertiser pays for the number of actions generated.
CPL Cost per lead. A variation on CPA in which the action desired is short of a sale.
CPS Cost per sale. Another variation on CPA, in which the action is a transaction. Also known as CPO, or cost per order.
PI Per inquiry. This is an offline term for pay-for-performance, when the advertiser pays only for the leads, sales, or inquiries generated through the media.

How much can I make by promoting these programs?

That really depends on you. By leveraging the power of AdRotate.net, you can rotate between many different ad agencies and affiliate programs. Many people are making tens of thousands of dollars from the web sites. If you have a website or mailing list, try joining a few programs and setup links to various merchants and see how things work out.

Do you have any tips?
  • Join programs that offer products or services similar to your site's content.
  • Try various programs before you concentrate on just a few. Find out which programs pay-off more and have better conversion rates. Most programs have stats reports for you to view.
  • Free products or services are obviously the best programs to promote simply because everybody likes free stuff. Therefore, you will experience a much higher conversion rate.
  • Go beyond the banner - Many programs allow you to use text links to promote their product or service. It has been proven that text links are much more effective than banners, so you may want to throw in a couple text ads throughout your site.
  • Be creative!
  • You should never join a program that requires you to pay a fee up front to get started. If you come across such a program, it is more than likely a scam.
  • Never ever spam! If you are caught spamming most merchants will delete your affiliate account and you will loose all your earned revenues.
How can my website make money?

Simple, just sign up for any of the ad networks or affiliate programs below:

WebSponsors.com An ad agency that offers many CPM, CPC, CPA ads. Wide range of text, image, pop-up and pop-under ads.
Burst! A large 3rd party ad agency
Postmaster direct Double opt-in email
BeFree Affiliate network
OneResponse Affiliate network
Commission Junction This affiliate network contains a host of product based links that is great for a very targeted audience.

Where can I find other webmster resources?

Click here for our list of great websites for webmasters.


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