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Ease of use is very important when choosing an ad rotation service. AdRotate.net completed months of user sessions to create our administration interface. We are sure you will find that our ad administration is second to none.

We have added the idea of Ad Groups, these groups allow you to seperate different ads into groups for your website template. For example, you can create a group for your "top of the page" banner and for your "bottom of the page" banner. Separating these into different groups allows you to choose different ads based on the location of your website. Reporting allows you to compare the results of each group.

Adding AdRotate.net to your website is easy. Insert one line of HTML into your pages and AdRotate.net will begin rotating banners on your site. There is no need for CGI access, no external files to be downloaded, its just one simple line. Other websites can add your HTML tags to their pages - allowing you to control what banners are seen. In effect, you can become your own in-house advertising company.

Below is an example of the administration at the group level:

Administration Example


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